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Colgan Air and the Planes Landing Issue

Colgan Air and the Planes Landing Issue Climate is a significant factor according to planes and their direction in the sky. Colgan Air case and the issue with respect to planes arriving in an inappropriate air terminal identify with a few issues. As a Colgan Air pilot not engaged with the occurrence, I can see that there are a few inquiries that may be raised relating to the case.Advertising We will compose a custom basic composing test on Colgan Air and the Planes Landing Issue explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More The first would respect the climate conditions at the hour of the episode. Frequently, pilots have almost no decision, as the climate conditions become serious very quickly. Obviously pilots are a lot of restricted in the quantity of things they can do to settle on the best game-plan, and regularly, the decision is missing inside and out. Some of the time, there are climate conditions that leave pilots without any alternatives. An inquiry with respect to the perceivability is additionally fitti ng, as the instruments on the board may get not as helpful as the visual acknowledgment of the runway. In addition, clearly pilots have a hazardous business where just a set number of steps can be taken to forestall a mishap. There is incredible reliance on the capacities of the plane and climate, and an individual needs to settle on speedy choices in coordinating the machine. Despite the fact that a pilot needs to experience broad preparing and tests, there are still occasions when a circumstance can't be anticipated, and an individual needs to pass by the emotions and considerations that are available right now. Accordingly, the state of the pilot ought to be addressed. How was he/she feeling preceding the flight, and would he say he was or she influenced by any substances? As the Colgan Air president, I might want to take note of some specialized minutes that may be placed into question. As the plan and innovation that were utilized in building and designing an air terminal are m ind boggling and organized, they should be separated from others, with the goal that pilots can see the distinction. For this situation, it was referenced that the two air terminals looked fundamentally the same as, so the president would pose an inquiry of what could have been done any other way to the format and the structure of the air terminals to permit pilots to see the points of interest of their goal air terminal (Continental Connection Plane Lands at Wrong Louisiana Airport, 2009). There are numerous subtleties that are critical to remember so as to assemble a well working and successful air terminal, yet having remarkable highlights would permit pilots snappier acknowledgment. The wellbeing of individuals on the ground and on the plane is a significant issue, thus, the states of the surface must be continually observed. A president could address morals and profound quality in the bad behavior of setting down the plane at an inappropriate air terminal. From one point of vie w, if there is a major issue with the plane and it needed to make the arrival, it is imprudent to rebuff the pilots.Advertising Looking for basic composition on natural investigations? How about we check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Since there are explicit air courses that are taken, it is ill-advised to let the plane circle the air terminal and cause deferrals to individuals just as monstrous budgetary misfortunes to the organization and different associations that are engaged with the airlines’ business. Then again, if the issue is a huge the whole gang the planes commit such an error, there must be a major issue with the directions or the innovation utilized in deciding the right air terminal. Generally speaking, basic and procedural changes must be made to avoid this type of mistake. Reference Continental Connection Plane Lands at Wrong Louisiana Airport. (2011). Recovered from associat ion pl_n_955358

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Chaos theory Applications to PDEs (geometry design) Essay

Confusion hypothesis Applications to PDEs (geometry structure) - Essay Example 55). Along these lines, there has been a developing interest for the improvement for an a lot more grounded hypothesis than for the limited dimensional frameworks. In science, there are critical difficulties in the investigations on the unbounded dimensional frameworks (Taylor, 1996; p. 88). For example, as stage spaces, the Banach spaces have numerous structures than in Euclidean spaces. In application, the most fundamental regular wonders are clarified by the halfway differential conditions, the vast majority of significant characteristic marvels are portrayed by the Yang-Mills conditions, fractional differential conditions, nonlinear wave conditions, and Navier-Stokes conditions among others. Issue Statement Chaos hypothesis has prompted significant numerical conditions and hypotheses that have various applications in various fields including science, science, material science, and designing among different fields or callings. Issue Definition The nonlinear wave conditions are typ ically critical class of conditions particularly regular sciences (Cyganowski, Kloeden, and Ombach, 2002; p. 33). They for the most part depict a wide range of marvels including water waves, movement of plasma, vortex movement, and nonlinear optics (laser) among others (Wasow, 2002). Outstandingly, these sorts of conditions regularly depict contrasts and changed marvels; especially, comparative soliton condition that portrays a few unique circumstances. These sorts of conditions can be portrayed by the nonlinear Schrodinger condition 1 The condition 1 above has a soliton arrangement 2 Where the variable This prompts 3 The condition prompts the advancement of the soliton conditions whose Cauchy issues that are comprehended totally through the dissipating changes. The soliton conditions are like the integrable Hamiltonian conditions that are normally partners of the limited dimensionalintegrable differential frameworks. Setting up the deliberate investigation of the tumult hypothesis in the incomplete differential conditions, there is a need to begin with the irritated soliton conditions (Wasow, 2002). The irritated soliton conditions can be arranged into three primary classifications including: 1. Bothered (1=1) dimensional soliton conditions 2. Irritated soliton grids 3. Bothered (1 + n) dimensional soliton conditions (n? 2). For every one of the above classes, to investigate the bedlam hypothesis in the halfway differential conditions, there is expected to pick a contender for study. The integrable speculations are frequently equal for each part inside a similar classification (Taylor, 1996; p. 102). Also, individuals from various classes are frequently unique significant. In this way, the hypothesis that depicts the presence of bedlam on every competitor can be summed up parallely to different individuals under a similar class (Wasow, 2002). For example; The applicant in the principal class is regularly depicted by a bothered cubic that frequently centers ar ound the nonlinear Schrodinger condition 4 Under even and occasional limit conditions q (x+1) = q (x) and q (x) =q (x), and is a genuine consistent. The applicants in classification 2 are frequently considered as the annoyed discrete cubic that regularly center around the nonlinear Schrodinger condition + Perturbations, 5 The above condition is just legitimate under even and intermittent limit conditions depicted by +N = The up-and-comers falling under classification 3 are irritated Davey-Stewartson II conditions 6 The condition is just fulfilled under the even and occasional

Australian Taxation Appropriate Tax Treatment

Question: Portray about the Australian Taxation for Appropriate Tax Treatment. Answer: 1. Hilary, a well known hiker is drawn nearer by The Daily Terror, a nearby paper with the proposition of keeping in touch with her story for which the paper would pay a thought of $ 10,000 to her which she happily acknowledged. She finished the story with no outer assistance and inferred the guaranteed thought by moving all rights and interests. Further, she proceeds to infer extra installments of $ 5,000 and $ 2,000 from the offer of the original copy and the undertaking photographs separately. So as to decide, the proper expense treatment of the above installments, thought should be given to the Brent versus Federal Commissioner of Taxation(1971) 125 CLR case. The applicable actuality for this situation was that there was where the appealing party was to infer installments by sharing insights concerning her conjugal life which was important as her better half was include in a prominent burglary. For this situation, there was an issue concerning the installment being gotten from move of data or earned through the way toward talking (Barkoczy, 2013). The court opined the receipts would be capital as the installment inferred by the appealing party was for the disclosed data and its copyright while the movement of portrayal was a unimportant instrument to realize the exchange from vender to the purchaser (Coleman, 2011). The given case should be seen in the light of the above contentions. It is obvious that Hilary has proficient aptitudes relating to just hiking and not composing or photography. Subsequently, the proposal of $ 10,000 by a paper to Hilary with no composing experience bode well just when seen in the light that the goal was to get private data about Hilarys life and to copyright the equivalent. Subsequently, guilty pleasure recorded as a hard copy of story was a minor way to convey the insights regarding the individual life. Along these lines, the $ 10,000 got from the paper is quite record of copyrighted data about her own life and consequently the returns would be capital and not got to. Essentially, with respects of composition and photos clicked during endeavor, their business esteem isn't by virtue of Hilarys aptitudes concerning execution of composing or clicking photos yet rather because of the subject which manages a well known character Hilary. In this manner, these are resourc es (simply like collectibles related with Hillary and her life), and hence at a bargain, capital receipts would be acquired which would be non-assessable (CCH, 2013). Expectation vanity and not benefit On the off chance that Hilary composes the story attributable to infer just close to home fulfillment and no business increases, at that point additionally there would not be any adjustment in the expense treatment from the above case. This can be finished up as the fundamental resource which in the end would be sold is the data about her own life which is a capital resource. Likewise, since there is no benefit goal included, consequently composing would simply be an interest which she would enjoy for her pleasure. Consequently, the returns can't be named as conventional pay under either area 6-5 (as Hilary is certainly not an expert essayist) or segment 15-15 (as composing has no benefit plan) (Woellner, 2013). Therefore, cash got from deal later would be named as capital receipts and would not be assessable. 2 According to the important realities referenced in the given circumstance, child got a credit office of $ 40,000 and reimbursed back the equivalent following two years with a check installment of $ 44,000. The $ 4,000 extra were given to the mother as intrigue processed at 5% dad despite the fact that the mother made it is bounteously certain that she has no pay expectations while augmentation of this lodging credit and intends to support the child. For this situation, the viewpoint that requires further conversation is the installment of $ 4,000 that has been sent to the mother at the hour of the reimbursement of the credit sum. It is apparent that the key reimbursement of $ 40,000 would not draw in any expense obligation by virtue of it being a capital receipt (Sadiq et. al., 2014). With respect to the fitting duty treatment of the intrigue sum, the accompanying three choices emerge. Normal salary as characterized in Section 6(5) For the premium installment to be perceived under Section 6(5), it is basic that it must be gotten from common business movement yet the circumstance comes up short on any data to propose that the mother works a cash loaning business (Deutsch et. al., 2015). Standard salary as characterized in Section 15(15) if there should be an occurrence of any easygoing loaning or detached loaning exchange is instituted with the principle thought process of acquiring interest pay and the exchange is actualized in a business way, at that point the intrigue would be classified under this segment (CCH, 2013). In any case, the mother loans a lot of cash to the child without enjoying any legitimate documentation and all the more significantly has no goal to gain premium pay which suggests that this exchange is outside the ambit of Section 15(15). Present For an installment to be marked as blessing, there are sure conditions according to TR 2005/13 that are to be fulfilled which are tried in the wake of the given realities (ATO, 2005). During the exchange of blessing, possession move needs to go with Satisfied as the check has been given over to mother. The exchange of blessing must be intentional and not driven by commitments Satisfied as the mother never needed to acquire pay from intrigue. The transferor must not have any desires for any corresponding additions from transferee Satisfied as the child in lieu of $ 4,000 has no desires. The blessing move should be driven by altruism Satisfied as the child makes the installment because of thankfulness and appreciation towards the mother. In light of the conversation above, it is evident that $ 4,000 is blessing and in this way excluded from ay taxation rate. Thus, the mother has no effect of the exchange on her assessable salary. 3. Section a) According to the gave data, it turns out to be certain that the land has been bought in 1980 yet the house development occurred in 1986 in particular. Capital gains on any advantage that is procured at the very latest September 20, 1985 is absolved from any tax assessment and henceforth the no CGT would be pertinent on the returns from the land however CGT might be relevant on the capital additions got from the house (Barkoczy, 2013). Along these lines, we have to figure the capital gains on the house, Be that as it may, the principal task is to appraise the present market estimation of the land and furthermore the house. This should be possible by considering the underlying commitment of the house to the propertys esteem. Rate commitment of house in the propertys esteem in 1986 = (60000/(60000 + 90000))*100 = 40% Henceforth, the estimation of the house in the present = 40% of 800000 = $ 320,000 For figuring of long haul capital additions, there are two choices accessible as indexation strategy and rebate technique (Sadiq et. al, 2014). Indexation Method The cost base of house which involves just the development cost balanced for swelling = 60000*(68.72/43.2) = $ 95,400 Where 60,000 is the genuine development cost 68.72 and 43.2 are the particular estimations of CPI in 1999 and 1986 Capital picks up that are available under CGT system = 360000 95400 = $224,600 Rebate technique Long haul capital gains on special of house = 320000 60000 = $ 260,000 As per the markdown strategy, a half refund is accessible, henceforth capital additions from house that are available under CGT system = 0.5*260,000 = $ 130,000 To limit the duty emerging from CGT, Scott would lean toward the rebate technique and in this way the CGT relevant additions from the property are restricted to $ 130,000 (Deutsch et. al., 2015). Part b) For this situation, the property is sold by Scott to his girl at an expendable cost of $ 200,000.However, the available additions would not still change from section (a) since Section 116-30 directs that the capital increases calculation must be led utilizing either selling cost or existing business sector esteem which one is more prominent (CCH, 2013). If there should arise an occurrence of Scott, the higher figure would be the cost inferred at the closeout and thus the available capital additions got from property would be still $ 130,000. Part c) Because of progress in proprietorship structure from individual to organization, the rebate technique would not be appropriate and the available capital increases figured according to the indexation strategy as appeared to some degree (a) come out at $ 224,600 (Barkoczy, 2013). References ATO 2005, TR 2005/13 Australian Taxation Office, Available online from (Accessed on September 5, 2016) Barkoczy,S 2013, Foundation of Taxation Law 2013,5th eds., CCH Publications, North Ryde CCH 2013, Australian Master Tax Guide 2013, 51st eds., Wolters Kluwer, Sydney Coleman, C 2011, Australian Tax Analysis, fourth eds., Thomson Reuters, Sydney Deutsch, R, Freizer, M, Fullerton, I, Hanley, P, Snape, T 2015, Australian assessment handbook eighth eds., Thomson Reuters, Pymont Sadiq, K, Coleman, C, Hanegbi, R, Jogarajan, S, Krever, R, Obst, W, and Ting, A 2014 ,Principles of Taxation Law 2014, seventh eds., Thomson Reuters, Pymont Woellner, R 2013, Australian tax assessment law 2013, seventh eds., CCH Australia, North Ryde

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Constitutional law Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words - 1

Protected law - Essay Example The forces of the administration ought to be controlled so as to guarantee that its activity of such powers doesn't cause devastation of the qualities it planned to uphold.4 As indicated by the standard of law, an individual must be rebuffed if there should arise an occurrence of break of the law.5 Everybody is equivalent under the watchful eye of the law and nobody is over the law.6 It is the obligation of the court to give a solution for any penetrate of an individual right. â€Å"The more extensive idea of rule of law fits with the possibility of a classified constitution articulating a type of ‘higher law;’ or a lot of shared network esteems which the individuals receiving the constitution wish to advance and ensure, and against which they want all other enactment to be measured.†7 The uncodified UK law doesn't give these distinctions, yet it avows to that the legislature is dependent upon the law thus it is heavily influenced by the courts.8 Therefore, the court themselves must be liberated from government’s impact so as to control the administration viably. So as to maintain a strategic distance from grouping of a lot of capacity to a solitary body there ought to be detachment of forces between the three government organizations for viable utilization of law as set up in different constitutions perceiving different government institutions.9 The protected scholars have perceived the job of government in the general public by communicating their assurance to put the administration leveled out and set up a breaking point on how the administration practices its sacred powers.10 The convention of partition of forces remains the fundamental core value for the best possible association of government.11 However, as recommended by the Montesquieu model of division of intensity the hypothesis of detachment of forces has not been completely actualized. His model recommends incomplete division of people and elements of different parts of the government.12 The UK constitution has

Tips For Writing Good College Essays

Tips For Writing Good College EssaysCollege essay topics can be difficult to write and they should be to the point and not overly long. Here are some tips for writing good college essays. They can be used as a basis for writing the essay itself.First, use college essay topics that relate to your field of study. You do not want to overwhelm yourself with something that is outside of your particular area of expertise. Focus on what you know.Secondly, you want to make sure that the short essay has three sections. First, a body that is an introduction. Second, a conclusion that summarizes what the body of the essay said. Finally, a resource box where you can list resources that you have used in order to support your point.Also, you want to include a bit of humor and less serious observations. For example, if you were to write a report about the world's greatest gift-givers, you would not go into detail about their job titles, careers, or qualifications. Instead, you would point out thing s like the time the giver gave $50 to each person she met and one person got a puppy from her. The gist of the message is that the giver cared about others. This type of writing is often humorous and therefore very effective.Another tip for writing good college essays is to include a few key examples of works in progress. Use this to illustrate your point that there is a trend in the academic writing world. Examples of research papers that have been published on major journals are excellent examples of research examples. Also, use stories about topics that interest you. You can include different examples of how people learned about a particular topic.One last tip for writing good college essaysis to keep your sentences short and to the point. Avoid long paragraphs with lots of different ideas, references, and points. Write the essay to the point; this is important because it allows the reader to focus on only the main idea and nothing else.Finally, you want to include a summary. The summary should include the overall gist of the essay, the thesis statement, and the purpose of the essay. This allows the reader to turn around and use it later in another place on their course. Finally, it also allows the reader to go back and reread the essay to make sure they understand it. Include a resource box at the end of the summary to provide a link for the reader to go to the source material if they so choose.Use these tips for writing good college essays to write the perfect essay. College is tough but it is something that you must face so make sure you take every opportunity that you can to get the job done right.

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Indian Manufacturing Industry (Essay) - 275 Words

Common retention policies in the present Indian Manufacturing Industry (Essay Sample) Content: Dissertation WritingStudent NameCourse CodeDateDeclaration: I declare that this work is original and has not been submitted by any other person for the academic purposes.AcknowledgementMy sincere thanks go to my instructor who guided me throughout my research by giving me the necessary advice and materials. Equally, I could like to thank my parents, sisters and brothers who gave me not only the financial support, but also the moral support. Finally, I could wish to give special thanks to God the almighty for giving me health and straight throughout the research.AbstractIt is important for employers to have employees motivated in an organization. It would help both the employee and the company get the most of the employees, while an organization is also able to retain the best employees. Most companies look for the best employees, and these employees are always in high demand. Good employees would always want to change companies if they are not well motivated in their place of work. It should be noted that employee motivation does not necessarily entail using a lot of money, but having the ability to think creatively and being flexible. Business managers and leaders in most cases may find it difficult to motivate their workers. This is mainly contributed by the fact that one drives one employee in work place is totally different from one drives another person. It is therefore, important to understand what drives every employee in your company. Some employees could be motivated by the belief that their jobs are secure and reassuring, and that their job is not overwhelming or too hard. It is also important for employers to accept the limitations of their employees hence should not push them too much towards advancement. Assuming that their work is satisfactory, however, continues to assure them of their security by maintaining consistency in their tasks, so they remain capable of sufficiently doing their jobs (Mosley, 2007).List of contentsChap ter One Introductionproblem of statementPurpose of studyTheoretical frameworkResearch questionsObjectives of the studyScope and feasibilityDefinition of termsAssumptionsLimitationsCHAPTER TWOLiterature Reviewfactors affecting retention of employeesJob fulfillment and worker retentionManagement of Career and retention of employeeSignificant of culture in employee retentionDifference of the Indian culture with other countriesResponsibility and accountabilityImpact of the Indian culture on multinational companies in IndiaTheory of internal marketingPorters five forces modelPEST analysisCHAPTER THREEMethodologyanalysisQualitative versus quantitative researchQuantitative research designReasons for Adopting a Quantitative Approach in this StudyWeakness of the approachResearch designChallenges during data collectionCHAPTER FOURFindingsMaintaining a cohesive cultureAdvantages for maintaining a cohesive culture among employeesHow to maintain a cohesive culture among employeesRelationship building among employees How administration improvement contributes to employee performanceCHAPTRE FIVEConclusions and RecommendationsCHAPTER ONE:IntroductionEmpirical analysis of Indian manufacturing industry as it concerns employee attrition rates revealed a lot. The overall attrition rate for the country across all industries as at 2013 was 13%. Personal reasons and search for better pay has been rated as the chief reason for the high employee turnover industry-wide. The overall Variable Pay as a percentage of CTC across all the sectors in India is 16%.for sales staff, the payout is monthly or quarterly. For other staff, the frequency of payroll is observed to be annual for most companies. The main challenge for the Indian market is retaining skilled manpower. For the reasons of the high attrition rates within the country, employers have adopted a number of ways to counter the effects of the trend. Top on the list of the counter initiatives is off shoring and outsourcing some of the activities of companies (Citizen Journalist 2013). Figure 1. Attrition in India in 2013 in comparison to other countries INCLUDEPICTURE "/photo/20469957.cms" \* MERGEFORMATINET Retrieved from:  HYPERLINK "" most companies in Asia continued experiencing voluntary employee turnover rates amidst economic recession, India topped the regions attrition rate with 13.8%. While many common beliefs may mislead that economic uncertainty should keep workers glued to their jobs, a survey by Hewitt Annual Asia Pacific Salary Increase Survey reveals the contrary. Better external opportunities were cited as the main reason why most Indian employees in the manufacturing industry were leaving their current jobs. Companies consistently search for talented workers even in tight economic situations. For this reason, organizations keep facing tough talent market.98.33% of all companies in the manufacturing sector in India face the challenge of enhancing their abilities to retain employee talent. This provides a lot of challenges to the companies to exercise more caution and innovation in retaining the top persons in their firms with tighter budgets. 64% of companies in the Indian manufacturing sector focus on pursuing different management strategies that suit its own workforce. Variable Pay Program is the strategy observed to be employed by a majority of these companies. In surveys to determine the take of the top management and firm ownership of the manufacturing companies, it was discovered that all companies attested to the fact that losing talent held detrimental effects on firm performance. 72% of these companies would do anything, including discriminatory pay increase to retain their high performing members of the workforce (The Economic Times 2013).A number of factors have contributed to the success of employee involvement initiatives and these include;Consistency- various organizations are now moving towards a consistency and cohesive approach whereby workers are involved in decision making. This is embedded in the HR approach of an organization.Leadership skills the success of any given organization is enhanced by the presence of a senior managers that champion employee involvement in an organization. It is equally important for other supervisors to lead by example by involving their workers and their representative so that they can be effective and efficient in service delivery. Openness and trust most organization have tried to incorporate the culture of trust in their line of communication, even when the message is unpalatable to their employees.Training- on training has been the key factor to the success of major companies. This is essential to employees when solving problems in their places of work. The v alue and role of training to of both employees and the management is very important in addressing issues and new ways of working that cannot be underestimated.42% of the companies fear losing their high performing workforce for they believe the good performers have the ability to bail the firms out of tough economic situations. They trust in the talent of the good trained and motivated workforce to provide them with a competitive advantage over competitors. 23% of companies in the Indian manufacturing sector, however, fear losing their high performers for their fear of the unknown. Whereas they believe that there is often a chance of getting more motivated, better performers, they cannot gamble with the chances of failing to attain the best the workforce can provide. They, therefore, decide to use all sorts of means to retain their employees. The battle between the employees desire to leave for better opportunities and the employers trying to retain them at all costs provide drama i n the manufacturing industry in India. Even for companies that experience unprecedented levels of uncertainty and have cost cutting pressures have to reward and retain the best talents they have with special incentives. Challenging market of talent in the manufacturing sector has compelled companies to reward their employees differently. Performers receive 50% higher rewards than average performers.Further findings reveal that attrition is not just about to end. More employees are willing to leave their current jobs for better terms and conditions. Survey reveals that there is a likelihood of attrition rate of up to 31% sa employees are not satisfied with the annual salary hikes, and would look out for prospects they consider better and more lucrative. Table 1. Average Turnover Rates for 2011-2013Year Average Annual Turnover Average Voluntary Turnover Average Involuntary Turnover 201114% 8% 7% 20 1215% 13% 9% 201313% 9% 6% Sourced from: (NEHA GUPTA 2013)Employer s in the past 30 years have developed means and ways in which they try to secure more engaged workers. This is achieved by; Being fair when dealing with internal problems among individuals as it contributes to individual performance. However, this does not closely related to employee engagement.Identifying the factors that enhance employee engagement and being well informed about day to day happenings of the organization. The manager should therefore be committed to the organization.Measuring the attitudes of the employees so as to identify areas that need improvement hence act on the survey findings.Worker contentment plays an important role in manipulating the achievement of organiz...

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Making History Fun - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 2 Words: 588 Downloads: 4 Date added: 2017/09/14 Category Advertising Essay Did you like this example? Steve Berg Period 2 08/28/10 Descriptive Essay Making History Fun Mr. Leonard is the AP American History teacher at Horizon High School. He has been teaching for more than twenty five years and uses his experience to educate the minds of young Horizon students. While Mr. Leonard can be a bit much, he always gets his point across. And if the student shows up for class and pays attention they will be forced to learn the material, even if they don’t realize it. To some, history can be a dull and boring subject but Mr. Leonard makes history an experience. He’s been to historical sites and has seen the things he teaches which helps him explain these historical events to his students. A teacher cannot teach directly from a book, anyone can do that; a teacher must use their own experiences and their own knowledge to truly enlighten young disinterested high school students. Mr. Leonard is a very strange, very loud, and very well educated history teacher that can pass his own personal knowledge down to open minded high school juniors. While some teachers bore students to death with monotonous lectures that seem to last for days; Mr. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Making History Fun" essay for you Create order Leonard shows students that lectures, even in high school, can be interesting. He takes events from that past and tells stories that seem to almost have no point, but while studying or even taking his tests those stories stick in student’s brains and help them remember and understand events and concepts relevant to the time period being studied. Even though he can be a little over the top his methods are proven. Generally, almost all of his students at least pass the Advanced Placement test with the score of a three. This shows his off the wall teaching techniques don’t just work on his tests, but also work on college level exams. Mr. Leonard is a very interesting and extraordinary teacher that prepares his students with outrageous, yet proven, methods. Most high school educators could care less about the students they teach. These lazy teachers would rather talk nonsense for fifteen minutes, and then turn their kids loose for the rest of class. When these under taught students take their tests it isn’t surprising they fail, but it is surprising at how little remorse their teachers feel for not properly preparing them. Mr. Leonard always prepares his students, even if they don’t realize it. He can lecture for the entire hour and some kids in class feel as if they’re only there for fifteen minutes. This is a sign that the man actually knows and cares about what he teaches. He has visited all the battlefields and all the monuments. He doesn’t just teach history, he has a passion for it, and this passion gets passed down to some of his students. This approach of â€Å"stealth teaching† evokes thoughts and ideas never before dreamed of by young high school juniors. If students really want to succeed, they can look to Mr. Leonard not only to help them with grades, but also provide them with knowledge that will make them better overall students and people. He sheds light on history and life, proving to kids that school can in fact be fun and interesting, teaching them things that will help them later on down the road. It is these qualities and much more that make Mr. Leonard one of the best teachers in not only Horizon but in the entire Paradise Valley Unified School District.